Sarammi Inc. DBA Mindful Recruiting Solutions is a woman-owned company, bringing 20+ years of expertise in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition.

Mindful Professional Search
● Partner with small to mid-size Manufacturing Organizations who struggle with identifying and recruiting key individuals.
● Salaries from $80,000 and up

Mindful Consulting Services
This service is for:
● Small Businesses who don’t have the time or resources for recruiting and hiring.
● Small to mid-size Manufacturing Organizations who need assistance with identifying and evaluating individuals, with salaries under $80,000.
● Individuals or teams who want to improve their sourcing and recruiting strategies.

Recent Success

◊ Customer Service/Dispatcher and an HVAC Tech for an HVAC Company in Pennsylvania
◊ Executive Administrative Assistant for the CEO of a Financial Services Firm in Pennsylvania
◊ Production Planning Engineer for a Metals Manufacturer in Pennsylvania
◊ Plant Manager for a Hot-Dip Galvanizing organization, located in Missouri.
◊ Operations Plant Manager for a Global Stainless Steel Manufacturer, located in Pennsylvania.
◊ Plant Operations Manager for a new Galvanizing Plant, located in West Virginia.
◊ Materials Engineer/Quality Manager for a Materials Testing Organization, located in Pennsylvania.
◊ President for a supplier of high-quality, lightweight aluminum dies castings to the North American automotive market, located in Kentucky.

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