Our Consulting & Advisory Service provides your organization with expert advice on finding, recruiting and hiring individuals who excel from those who are mediocre and average.

We work with hiring managers, human resources and internal recruiting teams, advising on recruiting strategies and techniques.

Our Consulting Services include:

  • Training on using LinkedIn, Job Boards and other online resources to find they type of talent you are seeking.
  • Helping your organization get set up on social media and how to attract talent to your company and social media outlets.
  • How to conduct phone screens and what questions to ask for effective screening techniques.
  • How to targeting individuals from competitive companies.
  • Name Generation with finding contact information.
  • Advising on what motivates individuals to consider making a move from their current place of employment.
  • Retaining the employees you have.

For more information on our consulting and advisory services contact:
Cori Sachais